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Jeff Cairns / Jeff Bird

Recorded at Ty Tyrfu, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Mixed and Mastered at BigFish Studio Kumamoto, Japan

Jeff Cairns: shakuhachi (1.8, 2.0, 2.4) percussion

Jeff Bird: mandolin, octave mandolin, double bass, ashbory bass, tamborin melodique, riq, hulusi.

Price: 1,500 yen/$15.00 U.S. (digital purchase on Bandcamp)

zenzen 1. Bae Pogpoh
2. Hulusi
3. Choshi
4. Barleycorn
6. Painukaji
6. Distance
This is the 2013 release of shakuhachi artist Jeff Cairns and string artist extraordinaire Jeff Bird. A chance re-union after 35 years re-kindled a musical spark set in adolecent times that burns brightly in this work. All pieces are one-off thematic improvisations.
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Silent Letters, Secret Pens

Jeff Cairns / Izumi Fujikawa 2006© Healing Fugu Records

Recorded at Mifune Culture Center, Main Concert Hall

Recording engineer: Richard Gilbert (BigFish Studio)

Jeff Cairns: Shakuhachi, Izumi Fujikawa: 13 string koto/ 21 string koto

Price: 1,500 yen/$15.00 U.S. (purchase on Bandcamp)

1. Shinonome no Uta (Marty Regan)
2. Through the Leaves (Jeff Cairns)
3. Midare (traditional)
4. Shin Kyorei (traditional Kinko-ryu honkyoku)
5. Reflection (Daniel Morse, 21 string koto solo)
6. Kai (Saiko Nakamura)
This is the 2006 release by Jeff Cairns and Izumi Fujikawa of traditional and modern pieces for shakuhachi and koto recorded on the concert stage of Mifune Culture Center's main stage in Kumamoto, Japan.














Stands and Cairns 1997© Healing Fugu Records

Recorded at Beatnic 80 Studios, Kumamoto, Japan: Engineered by Kazuhisa Tanaka

Contributing Artists: Kyousuke Yamaoka (drums), Sho Tajiri (bass), Keisuke Hirayama (perc)

Taren Yelle (vocal on Shirakawa)

Price: 1,000 yen/$10.00 U.S. (Purchase on Bandcamp)

1. Shirakawa
2. Backwards Motion
3. Fuyu no kumo (Winter's Clouds)
4. Feather's of Guilt
5. Piper's Dream
6. Train Without Questions
7. Snowing
8. Hanabashi (Flower Bridge)
9. You Called


This is the first release by acoustic guitarist Darby Stands and Shakuhachi player Jeff Cairns. The 9 pieces were composed by the duo between 1995 and 1997 and represent images garnered from their varied experiences in Kumamoto, Japan. Darby is now often found wandering the barren night streets of the Kansai region of Japan where he is involved in various musical projects and Jeff resides as a fixture in Kumamoto.




Other Offerings

BigFishJam, Vol. 1

Recorded live at BigFish Studio, Kumamoto, Japan

April 26th, 2013

Recording Engineer, Richard Gilbert

Mixed and Mastered, Jeff Cairns/ Richard Gilbert

Cover Photography, Robert Mortenson

Musicians: Jeff Cairns - shakuhachi, James Hunter - flutes, Keiko Shiga - piano, Masahiro Watanabe - trumpet, Shinji Satoh - drums,

Shinji Hirata - double bass, Erina Haraguchi - violin, Michael Moonbear - pots and bowls


1. Tremors

4. Of Fools and Hills

2. Spice

5. The Last Rain

3. Mid-West Rain

6. I Shuttered

This is the first in a series of improvisational music performances recorded live at BigFish Studio. Players are invited with no forewarning of what is to happen musically, but asked simply to join in the communication and breathe together.


Lip Service

Mother Tongue 2002©mothertongue

Recorded at BigFish Studio, Kumamoto, Japan.

Engineered by Richard Gilbert and Jeff Cairns

Artists: Richard Gilbert, Jeff Cairns, James Hunter

1. Hardadit
2. New Game
3. Jungle Dance
4. Big White Bread Truck
5. Tunnels To You
6. Come Here Baby
7. Fading Mist


This is the first attempt at musical immortality by the troubadourial trio Mother Tongue. Descretely drawing influences from the likes of Frank Zappa, Brian Eno and Barry White, their prime directive is to push the integral envelope. Dispassionate toward convention, though never so much so as to miss out a good lick now and then, and outlanders to borders, new avenues are the only compass point worth following for Mother. Mother's oft-time non-linear musical commentary on the human condition promises to offer new insights at every listen.



1. Intoxication


A live recording on the stage of Mifune Concert Hall in Mifune, Kumamoto, Japan with Jeff Cairns (shakuhachi), Izumi Fujikawa (koto) and Jim Kacian (haiku). All haiku were created by Jim only moments before recording and all music was created in the moment and spontaneously by Jeff and Izumi in concert with the haiku presented.





Round and Round

Far East Peach Colaboration

1. Pilgrimage (MomoJ)
This is a 2008 colaborative release by the folks at Far East Peach in Tokyo, Japan. I'm featured on shakuhachi on the two tracks by other composers as well as on three other tracks of my own.