Here is a list of links that I want to recommend to all interested. My purpose is not to create the most extensive lists around, but rather to give links that will offer further exploration in a variety of areas that touch my life. Enjoy.

Shakuhachi Related

Tai Hei Shakuhachi

This is one of the most comprehensive sites dedicated to the shakuhachi anywhere on the web.

The International Shakuhachi Society

A world class shakuhachi site with extensive links to all and many .

ESS Shakuhachi Forum

A web-based forum for all interested in shakuhachi

Mujitsu Shakuhachi

The site of master shakuhachi maker and inovator Ken LaCosse

The Shakuhachi Society of British Columbia

Hosted by shakuhachi player, teacher, maker and promoter Alcvin Ramos

Derek van Choice

This leads you to the site of a very talented musician, visual artist and shakuhachi maker. Inspiring...

Izumi Fujikawa

Master koto player and friend

Ann Norman

Shakuhaci player

Samurai Songs (hosted by Kerry Miller)

Possibly the only dedicated shakuhachi weekly radio show on the planet at WRFN-LPFM Radio Free Nashville 98.9

Jon Shingetsu

Jon Shingetsu Kypros, Japanese zen bamboo flute maker and teacher.

Yung Flutes

This is the website for top rate shakuhachi craftsman Perry Yung.



Music of All Sorts


The Celtic Nots

f the top fussion guitarists in the city and a very important force to be reckoned with. Here is a link to Grant's band Gone Fission. Please enjoy.

This is the site of an excellent band out of Spokane, WA. , U.S.A. aptly named The Celtic Nots. Aside from being one of the best celtic infused bands around, one of its members, who is none other than James Hunter, is one of the original members of the nearly legendary virtual band Mother Tongue.

Jeff Bird

This is a jumping off point for information from an old friend who continues to contribute a great deal to peoples understanding of the world we share.

Ron Korb

This is the official web site a flautist I had the excellent opportunity to share a stage with in Kumamoto, Japan. His music continues to inspire.

Taren Yelle

I've had the great pleasure of working in several different contexts with this great singer. Taren is currently pleasing blues audiences in the American northeast. Check out her site.

Kumamoto Street Artplex

This site is in Japanese only. It is dedicated to the promotion of the arts in Kumamoto, Japan. The organizers are interested in changing the general downtown street, art life of the city and are doing a very good job of it if I don't say so myself.


Saiko Nakamura

Here is a link to a very talented composer from the Tokyo area who, among other types of music, is composing for the shakuhachi. This link is both in Japanese and English.


Music Business

BigFish Studio

A top rate project recording studio in the midst of a mountain-side hinoki forest on Mt. Kinpo, Kumamoto, Japan.

CD Baby

The brain child of Derek Sivers , a virtual cd store dedicated to the promotion of independent musicians and their music who spells success by the amount of money it pays its musician clients. CD Baby is successful.

Host Baby

Another baby of Derek Sivers, offering web hosting for musicians including great tools for promotion and lots of support at a reasonable price.

Oasis CD Duplication

I list this company for any interested in having their music pressed to cd for a reasonable price with good back up. I used their service and recommend them.


Yet another fine replication/duplication house with an excellent on-line user-friendly interface.


At Any Rate, Music!

Quiet Haiku

This is a compelling site put together by my good friend and fellow Mother Tonguer, Richard Gilbert. It is primarily dedicated to all things Haiku, one of his many passions.


This is the site of Kumamoto potter Ruminori Deguchi. One of the many artisans living in the Mt. Kinpo area of Kumamoto.