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Details: All items are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Prospective buyer notifies me of their intention to purchase an item by e-mail, I will send a return mail letting them know whether they were first in line or not. If the buyer is first in line and from that point, the prospective buyer will deposit the indicated cost in Japanese yen into my PayPal account along with shipping and handling charges. Due to restrictions imposed by COVID 19, shipping will be determined on destination. Once the money has cleared my PayPal account, the shakuhachi will be shipped to the buyer. If a one week audition is required, please notify me before purchase, and PLEASE ask any questions before a purchase is made. All sales are final unless the item has obviously been damaged in transit. GOOD LUCK!

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Important Addition

Although all of the shakuhachi sold on this site are completely playable, there are times when new owners may wish to have some improvements made either aesthetically or functionally. From that point of view, well known friend to the international shakuhachi community and excellent maker/repairman, Perry Yung is giving the very generous offer of 50% off on repairs to any instrument sold from this site. For inquiries, please contact Perry at his website.


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 1.8 mumei kinko jiari



1.9 mumei kinko jiari



  1.6 tozan jiari


1.8 mumei kinko jiari vintage




1.8 Bell jinashi model



1.8 Reizan Tuned Rosewood



1.8 Aluminium