1.8 Bell composite jinashi model

32mm O.D. / 21mm I.D.

Length: 550 mm

Weight: 375 gms

Root Key: D

Price: 25,000 yen

Maker: Jon Kypros

Details from Jon's website: Recommended and played by practitioners of all levels. Jon’s bamboo eco-composite material 

is lighter than ABS/100% plastic (375~ grams) and it won’t crack or split from changes in weather like other shakuhachi. 

Complete copy, inside and out, of a jinashi shakuhachi made by Jon. 

Artisanal, made one at a time by Jon’s hands, not “mass produced”. 

One solid piece, so there’s no center joint or seams to worry about breaking or separating. 

Can play all of the techniques and notes required for Honkyoku and Sankyoku music. 

This includes the necessary dai kan or “third octave” notes

Sound sample available upon request. 







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