1.6 Tozan jiari

36mm O.D. / 19.5mm I.D.

Length: 485 mm

Weight: 425 gms

Root Note: Eb

Price: 20,000 yen

Maker: Unknown Hanko

Details: a professionally made tozan style shorter flute Probably WWII vintage. 

Though a hanko exists on the flute, it is unreadable.

The shakuhachi has a focused sound, and does not project loudly as is typical with older tozan flutes.

Holes are 10mm diameter other than #3, which is slightly smaller.

The root end has an opening of 16 mm, which contributes to the focused sound.



There is a frost split in the lower part which has no influence on sound production and is completely stable.

Otherwise, there are no other problems with the flute.

It's tuning is very good in otsu and kan, becoming slightly sharper in dai kan, though not

something that can't be compensated for.













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