1.9 Maki-e Myoan

37mm O.D. / 22mm I.D.

Length: 555 mm

Weight: 350 gms

Root note: C#

Price: 70,000 yen

Maker: unknown

Details: There are times when a maker feels the need to embelish, or perhaps interpret an

instrument with visual embelishment. This is one such case. In length, this nobekan is between

a 1.8 and 1.9, however the wider than usual bore and lager than usual finger holes put

the pitch at that of a 1.9. Made in the Myoan style with deeply undercut holes, the outside

surface has been painted in the maki-e style depicting a tatsu-ryu (rising Japanaese dragon)

representing good fortune and strength. Maki-e is a traditional Japanese graphic art form using

different colors of Japanese laquer (urushi) often to depict very detailed images, as is the case

with this shakuhachi. Possessing a beautiful, mellow tone, this nobekan is beautifully

suited to meditative practice. The age of the instrument is estimated at pre WWII judging by

the general wear on the root end and by the slightly sharp chi.

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